Our Approach

Our mission is to support young people to establish their own direction and map out a fulfilling path into the adult world.

The world of work is changing, employers and universities are demanding increasingly more from students. People are displaying radically different attitudes towards careers. A shift has occurred!

We help prepare young people for their university of choice and to secure lifelong employment. We achieve this by using our purpose-built DATA model©, underpinned by coaching principles, that enables young people to realise their strengths and tell their authentic story to achieve their goals. Whatever that may be!

Our Values


In an uncertain world we remain open minded and interested in what is emerging and how we can bring this to you.


At our core we believe in the potential for people to grow and be better when they are given the right conditions.


Both in going beyond the usual limits for our clients and in our actions to create a fairer society by reducing inequality for the young people we work with.


We enjoy what we do and people that work with us enjoy the experience too, this leads to solutions people want to be part of.

In line with our values, in response to COVID-19 and the impact on young people, we have collaborated with VouchPeople to support the 1 Hour Project. The Project gives students access to a professional network to support them in making the best career choices for them. To read more about it, please go to the 1 Hour Project.

We help young people to know who they are, celebrate what they offer and develop the skills to navigate complexity to prepare for their future in work.

Our Unique DATA Model©

We offer a tailored service, using proven coaching techniques, to help young people increase their competence and fulfilment. This empowers them to contribute more to their studies and work and find meaning in what they do.

Our founders have extensive experience working with students, graduates and professionals in universities and corporate settings, enabling them to develop a coaching model that recognises the gaps in existing ones targeting established professionals.

The unique DATA model© focuses on what young people need, in the ‘discover’ stage it engages parents and other significant stakeholders in the process of supporting young people to establish their own direction and how best to map out a fulfilling path into the adult world.


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